Meditation helps
bring harmony into your home.


We root our family meditation teaching in three things:
personal practice, skill sets as educators, and play.

We believes that learning should be fun and engaging,
and bring out the best in children (and adults).

We’ve witnessed incredible transformations in students
and we look forward to the opportunity
to share this practice with more families.


Meditation lessons are a transformative practice that provides children and parents with the skills and vocabulary to experience more inner (and outer) peace.

We work with age-appropriate meditative exercises to cultivate spaciousness and calmness in the mind, then engage in intentional dialogue in a fun and and productive way.

Some common reasons parents have engaged with family meditation:

  • supporting balance and harmony in the house
  • temper tantrums
  • stress at school
  • irritability/hostility
  • looking for improved communication with children/each other

Parents have reported seeing a difference in their children (and themselves) after the first lesson, and after a few weeks of shared practice, life is significantly different. The ‘complaints’ that brought them to meditation are dissolving and there is hope for a peaceful future. After a year, the power of this shared practice has fully rooted in your family’s culture and the possibilities are limitless.

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