About Meditation

Why meditate?

Why do anything? Because you think it will serve a need. Many people need to experience a little more harmony in their lives, a little more clarity, or maybe a little more serenity. Some people come to meditation because they want their mind to be sharper and more powerful. Others still come to meditation to learn more about themselves and the world. Whatever your reason is for meditating, that’s the best reason.

What is meditation lesson like for children?

We begin each lesson with fun meditative activities to engage children and transition the mood. These can include coloring meditation, fruit meditation, belly breathing, and a whole lot more.

Once the family has calmed and centered, we can engage in dialogue and teaching.

We have a pedagogy of ideas to teach and share, but we take our lead from each family, adapting lessons to meet the needs of families and serve you on your journey.

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What is meditation?

We talk about ‘meditation’ as a practice, but really, it’s a state of mind.

A great meditation teacher describes meditation as a ‘serene encounter with reality.’* That’s exactly what it is – a state of mind that allows you to experience the world with presence and peace.

The practice of meditation involves calming the thoughts to a point of clarity and serenity. This can be achieved in numerous ways – some sit, some stand, some sing, some paint, some cook… whatever you do with focus and presence, that is a practice of meditation. It is an experience of timelessness when you are completely engaged in the present and are filled with a sense of rejuvenated peace.

The primary practice we teach is rooted in the [Yogic] tradition of silent sitting, and we will layer that with teachings from Vedanta (Yoga philosophy), Chinese Medical philosophy, Buddhism, Taoism, Non-Violent Communication, and more. From a place of peace,  we add the philosophy and language training to add vocabulary to our experience, cultivate the mind, and recognize the connections and teachable moments in life.

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* Thich Naht Hahn. Miracle of Mindfulness.